30 years NT K+D AG
On 27.05.23 we celebrate our 30th anniversary.
30 years filled with exciting challenges have kept us fit and have proven our innovative strength, flexibility and continuity time and again.

Throughout all these years, NT K+D AG has been able to maintain its position as an independent family business. In 2001 Felix Weber handed over the management of the company to his son-in-law Martin Ziörjen. At the beginning of 2022, Stefan Ziörjen was promoted to Deputy General Manager. He will be the third generation to take the fate of NT K+D AG in his hands.

Stefan Ziörjen looks back on more than 11 years of experience in various areas of NT K+D AG.

The response times to offers and orders have become shorter and shorter in recent years. This has been made possible mainly by the progressive digitalization of business processes. Continuous adjustments in the processes of NT K+D AG enable us to keep pace with the developments of our customers. Being able to respond quickly and flexibly to customer requirements has been a constant feature of our actions over the last 30 years, and strategic decisions have been geared towards this goal.

Although our products are still made from the same materials, more is generally demanded of materials today. This is reflected in the increasing number of directives and regulations that materials have to comply with.

In recent years, we have also established ourselves as a comprehensive service provider in the 3D printing sector. True to the motto “everything from one source”, we have not only specialized in the production of parts, but now also offer scanning of parts and CAD drawing with Solidworks.

To make it as easy as possible for you to access all this information, we have completely rebuilt our homepage and structured it to be as customer-friendly as possible. Since about 2 years we inform you every two months with our newsletter about our products and exciting cases around the sealing technology and the area of 3D manufacturing.

In the course of digitalization, our on-site service for you has been rethought. If you need on-site help, the NT K+D AG employee with the deepest expertise in your application will visit you. This guarantees that your and our time is invested in the best possible way. Do not hesitate to contact us. Direct contact with you is important to us and gives us the opportunity to see our materials and products in action and get to know you better.

We are proud of our history and look forward to continuing to grow with you in the years to come and to face new
new tasks.

Thank you for your loyalty and support!

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