We manufacture our products according to drawings or samples, adhering to your individual specifications. We are able to produce a wide range of products with a variety of methods to meet the highest standard and quality requirements. We manufacture single pieces such as prototypes as well as large high quantity series. More complicated or unique orders are seen as a welcome challenge, and we will gladly consult you.

Our manufacturing methods range from cutting techniques such as stamping, water jet or plotter cutting to machining techniques such as CNC turning, milling as well as injection molding. We further extended our knowledge and are now also able to offer additive 3D printing processes.

Due to the constant adjustment and development of our machinery with a focus on high flexibility and short lead times we are able to produce and deliver your seals or components within a short time period. Depending on current capacity and workload parts can be produced the same day, or in emergency cases even within a few hours. You can find more information on our emergency service under the Express Service section.

Subtractive manufacturing techniques

Additive manufacturing techniques

Any questions about our manufacturing methods or possible orders?  Do not hesitate to contact us by phone.