Screw Seals

Specially designed screw seals help to ensure the desired sealing effect in flange and screw applications.

The static gaskets which are made from an elastomer material, and depending on application supplemented with a lip, are fitted with a stainless-steel ring.

Tightening the screw will now press the elastomer part against the screw and achieve the desired sealing effect.

Operating Temperatures


  • Good swelling resistance to mineral oils, greases and diesel fuels.
  • Low gas diffusion.

  • Insufficient weather and ozone resistance.

  • Requires special protective agents.

  • High resistance to ozone, heat, hot water and alkaline and acidic solutions.  
  • Lowest permeability rates for most gases.
  • Not resistant to polar solvents.

Application example


The brochure for this product can be downloaded here.

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