The V-ring is an elastomer seal. It is expandable and can be easily pulled over flanges and housing parts. The V-ring has an undersize inner diameter and is held firmly in place on the rotating shaft by its inherent tension. The elastic sealing lip runs against an end wall and seals against dust, dirt, grease and other media. For the separation of several fluids, 2 seals can be installed, with the back against each other. The V-ring tolerates slightly eccentric or skewed shafts.

Operating temperatures


  • Good swelling resistance to mineral oils, greases and diesel fuels.
  • Low gas diffusion.
  • Insufficient weather and ozone resistance.
  • Requires special protective agents.
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals and mineral oils.
  • High heat resistance.
  • Lowest permeability rates for most gases.
  • Not resistant to polar solvents.
  • High resistance to ozone, heat, hot water and alkaline and acidic solutions.
  • Resistant to polar solvents.
  • Not mineral oil resistant.


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