The X-Ring is similar to the O-Ring in its essential features; it is easy to mount and requires small installation spaces. It can be used as an internal or external seal as well as against changing pressure directions. The X-Ring obtains its sealing effect by compressing its cross-section, which is more flexible than that of an O-Ring.

Advantages over the O-ring:

  • The square ring requires less extrusion force to achieve a complete seal.

  • This feature provides reduced friction and wear in a dynamic application.

  • The square ring’s four-lip seal results in higher sealing performance while forming a lubrication groove that reduces wear.

  • A real advantage of the square ring is its inherent stability. In dynamic applications (piston rod sealing), where an O-ring tends to roll in the groove and is thus subjected to torsion, a square ring would only yield.

Operating temperatures


  • Good swelling resistance to mineral oils, greases and diesel fuels.
  • Low gas diffusion.
  • Insufficient weather and ozone resistance.
  • Requires special protective agents.
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals and mineral oils.
  • High heat resistance.
  • Lowest permeability rates for most gases.
  • Not resistant to polar solvents.

X-Ring 3D-View

X-Ring Profile-View


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