O-Rings are used in a wide variety of applications and are one of the core products of today`s sealing technology. The choice of the right […]


We have an extensive and modern range of gaskets which cover a wide span of applications. Our gaskets seal in the range of 0 to […]

U-Cups (Rod and Piston seals)

We have an extensive range of commonly used U-Cups on stock in our warehouse and are furthermore able to directly manufacture special designs according to […]


Our NTH-Rings have proven to be a reliable and effective sealing solution, especially in the hydraulic and pneumatic sector. They are dynamic seals which can […]

Rotary shaft seals

A shaft seal, also known as a rotor seal or radial seal; provide sealing and wiping functionality for rotating and swivelling movements. They are commonly […]

NT Lip Seals

NT Lip seals are reliable rotary shaft seals which find their use in challenging and extreme conditions. They are characterised by good chemical resistance, high […]


Wipers protect sealing points from dust and dirt contamination. They are vital for the proper functioning of hydraulic units where piston rods retract back into […]

Back-up rings and guiding elements

Back-up rings and guiding elements do not have a sealing function, but they are essential for the longevity of other components. Guiding elements such as […]

Spiral wound gaskets

Spiral wound gaskets are used in challenging high pressure  environments. They have proven to offer exceptional safety up to temperature limits of for example 1000°C […]

Encapsulated Sealings

Encapsulated o-rings are used when the chemical resistance of elastomers is no longer sufficient. The FEP, PFA or PTFE coating can then be used to […]

Round Cords

Round Cords are a popular choice for sealing, insulating, and soundproofing. The versatile cords are used for window joints, bathroom and kitchen areas, or for […]

Vulcanized endless rings

In contrast to normal O-rings which are manufactured in one piece we also have the option to create seals from an extruded elastomer cord. This […]


The X-Ring is similar to the O-Ring in its essential features; it is easy to mount and requires small installation spaces. It can be used […]


The V-ring is an elastomer seal. It is expandable and can be easily pulled over flanges and housing parts. The V-ring has an undersize inner […]


Fine braiding machines are used to produce conventional as well as complex packing braids with a tight weave. The precise thread lay is made possible […]

Screw Seals

Specially designed screw seals help to ensure the desired sealing effect in flange and screw applications. The static gaskets which are made from an elastomer […]

Injection Moulding

Injection moulding is the process of injecting an elastomer (rubber) or thermoplastic into a mould. This process is suitable for batches of 500 or more […]


Online-Configurator 3D-Engineering Which 3D method? Which material? New Technologies NT in NT K+D AG stands for new technologies, it has always been a focus of […]

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