Why us?

A responsible and adaptive family-owned business

At NT K+D AG we cultivate a cooperative and friendly atmosphere where each member can voice their ideas and is valued for their contributions. With an open error culture and a flat hierarchy we ensure continuous improvement where knowledge can be gained and shared. This agile mindset allows us to provide the best possible service and advice in terms of finding the right product and solution for our clients.

Being founded in 1993 NT K+D AG is now led by the second generation of the same family and has been developing constantly to make sure we fulfil the evolving customer needs. Recognising new trends and demands while adjusting the goals and strategy is a constant process. The objective is to keep our high-quality service attitude while introducing new inputs and technologies.

One example of this process is our extensive knowledge in 3D printing which has been built up in our rather new department since 2016. Old and new customers alike profit from our wide range of printers, materials, and the connected know-how.

NT K+D AG: A holistic provider

Due to our own fabrication site and new 3D printer fleet, we are able to produce all core NT-Products and many individual solutions directly in Hombrechtikon. This allows us to develop new ideas and prototypes in a shorter turnaround time while also ensuring that standard products are readily available. Another additional benefit of this internal production is the much simpler product origin traceability which is necessary for many certificates.

Alongside this self-owned production we can also rely on our international providers and combine this network with our extensive warehouse to make sure we are able to offer a vide variety of products and materials with an as short as possible lead time. For reoccurring product orders, we even offer to store the articles free of charge so they are ready when you need them.

With our modern infrastructure we ensure certificate monitoring and compliance in a constantly changing and evolving world.

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