Fine braiding machines are used to produce conventional as well as complex packing braids with a tight weave. The precise thread lay is made possible by a double-guided, infinitely variable speed control and thus allows maximum surface contact of the packing.  Additional lubricants and dispersions give the packing an optimum density and the best possible running properties. 

We recommend ordering the graphite packings directly pre-pressed, this allows easier installation and leakage control.

The installation is trouble-free and safe.

Operating temperatures


  • Minimum friction value
  • Low adjustment forces on the spindle
  • Long service life
  • Lowest maintenance as no readjustment is necessary
  • No ageing
  • No embrittlement
  • Very easy and safe assembly as well as effortless disassembly.
  • Gentle on shafts (HRC 25 is sufficient)
  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • Gentle on shafts (HRC 25 is sufficient)
  • Long service life
  • No ageing
  • Easy and safe assembly
  • Low shaft wear due to optimum thermal conductivity
  • Universally applicable with abrasive media
  • Recommended surface hardness of the shaft: HRC 50
  • Extrusion-proof 
  • Vacuum suitable
  • Despite high cross-sectional density and strength, the packing is supple and elastic.
  • Good resilience
  • Good mechanical strength
  • Harmless to health / does not cause skin irritation.
  • Non-combustible according to DIN 4102
  • Robust against moisture
  • Contains no toxic substances or heavy metals


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This document gives you information about the storage time after receipt of the articles from NT K + D AG. It is also used for orientation and to avoid failures after installation.

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