General Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all of our deliveries.
Special agreements must be confirmed by us in writing.

Per article CHF 10.-  / * ( EURO 6.50 )

Per order CHF 40.-  /  * ( EURO 35.-)

*Euro values will be adjusted to the current exchange rate.

For shipments with an order value below CHF 200.-/* (EURO 150.-) we charge CHF 50.-/* (EURO 35.-) to cover additional export costs.

*Euro values will be adjusted to the current exchange rate.

Packaging is not included in the price and will be charged at cost basis. Transport insurance is included and covered by NT K+D AG.

Shippments are sent from Hombrechtikon Ex works

The full amount is due within 30 days of the invoice creation date.

Payment delay of 30+ days:
1. Reminder and a charge of CHF 15.- is applied.

Payment delay of 60+ days:
2. Reminder and an additional charge of CHF 25.- 

Payment delay of 70+ days:
Claim will be handed over to a debt collection agency. All incurred cost has to be paid by the debtor and a 5% interest charge is applied to the outstanding invoice amount for overdue payment.

All our prices are in CHF or * ( EURO ) per piece, 100 pieces,  KG or meter. Our prices are ,unless otherwise stated, valid for 3 months and include VAT were applicable. Quotation prices are valid in connection with the specified qualities and quantities, a change in these variables also changes the price.

The prices are calculated on the basis of the costs applicable on the date of the quotation, we must therefore reserve the right to adjust them if circumstances change.

 For manufacturing reasons we also retain the right to deliver a deviation in terms of quantity of up to 10% more or less than the ordered amount. 

For orders which do not rely on quotations or price lists the customer expressly accepts the resulting price. Tooling costs will be charged with the initial sample delivery and are strictly net. The order will then be deemed fulfilled.

The stated delivery deadlines shall be adhered to, but are non-binding. If the deadlines not met the client is not entitled to cancel their order or claim damages. 

Our technical documentation is intended to inform and advise. While all information given is to the best of our knowledge it is  not binding. The solution to each problem has to be found on an individual basis where all circumstances and factors are considered and respected. 

We guarantee the properties of our products to be in accordance with our technical documentation. Products which have proven to not meet these standards will be repaired or replaced by us free of charge.

Further claims such as for example damage compensation or reimbursements of consequential damages are excluded. Complaints concerning visible damages must be made within 10 working days after receiving the delivery, for concealed defects immediately after their discovery. We exclude liability for complaints or compensation claims which are reported more then one year after the invoice date.

We refuse any warranty claims where no consideration was given to the specific nature of our goods in the way they were installed in other systems. Recommendations or suggestions given by us in connection with the installation of our products or for the construction of any systems are given to the best of our knowledge, but are always non-binding and without guarantee.

Trademarks, tools, drawings, documents and projects remain our property. It is not permitted to reproduce, use or pass them on to third parties without our express permission.

By placing an order or inquiry with NT K+D AG it is assumed that the client is in possession of the rights to replicate/manufacture the ordered goods. 

All disputes arising from this contract shall be governed exclusively by Swiss law under the jursdiction of  Zurich.

Other currencies, units of measurement etc. only in accordance with individual written agreements or supply arrangements.

We differentiate between adjustments on existing CADD`s and the ones we create from scratch. In the case of adjustments and small changes the client has the right to receive the CAD file.

For the drawings which are completely designed by us and hence benefit from the use of our know-how and expertise we only charge around 50% of the inflicted cost and NT K+D AG remains the owner of the data and file. The copyrights of the idea naturally remain with the customer as long as NT K+D AG did not make substantial changes. The data may also only be used for the customer which commissioned its creation.

The technical properties on our data sheets were determined according to ISO or ASTM and can vary depending on object geometry.

Guidelines for 3D production

We work precise and try to get as close to the wished for measurements as possible but have experienced the following dimensional tolerances:
FDM +-0.2 to +- 1.0 mm
SLA  +-0.2mm
SLS  +-0.25mm
Polyjet +-0.1mm
Tolerances may vary depending on details and design. We recommend keeping these tolerances in mind when drawing new models. The plastics shrink slightly after completion of the printing process. While this was taken into account and the production programs have been adjusted accordingly, we can not guarantee a 100% exact outcome.

Depending on the 3D printing process and shape of model we align components in the way which we think will produce the best result. It is hence advised and helpful to us if you provide a drawing in PDF format which specifies the visible surfaces, colours, tolerances or other information you deem important.

Models which exceed the dimensions of 180 x180 x 180 mm and are printed with a larger nozzle diameter then 0.5mm will have less clean details and edges and hence look less sophisticated. A return or refund of the model due to optics or visible gradation stemming from this cause will not be accepted. Models can however be given a perfect appearance with coatings if this is wished for.

The tensile strength along the direction of the layer is comparable to the data which can be found in the data sheet, adhesion of individual layers to each other however varies greatly depending on material.