The following terms and conditions apply to all of our deliveries.
Special agreements must be confirmed by us in writing.

Third-party terms and conditions will not be accepted unless they have been signed by an authorized NT K+D AG employee. Minimum order value per item CHF 10.- and CHF 40.- minimum value of goods. For goods to be exported, the minimum value of goods is EUR 50 + EUR 20 for document surcharge.

The stated delivery deadlines will be adhered to as far as possible, but are non-binding. If the deadlines are exceeded, the customer is not entitled to cancel the order or even to claim damages.

The customer is obliged to carefully check the offers and order confirmations received and to report any discrepancies within 24 hours. We do not accept any liability for errors resulting from a failure to check.

Data collected by an employee of NT K+D AG on a platform must be protected from third parties.

Packaging is not included in the price. We charge it at our cost price.
Transport damage or loss is covered by our insurance up to CHF 5’000. Unless otherwise agreed, deliveries are made in our standard packaging.

Shipment is ex works Hombrechtikon. EXW (INCOTERMS 2000)

The goods remain the property of NT K+D AG until full payment has been received. In the case of generic goods, a return against a credit note is generally not possible.

Our terms of payment are 30 days net from the invoice date. If payment is overdue by more than 30 days, we will charge CHF 5.00 and after 60 days CHF 25.00 for the expenses incurred. After a delay in payment of 70 days at the latest, we reserve the right to take legal action or to hand over the claim to a debt collection agency. The costs incurred by the collection agency shall be borne by the debtor.

In the event of late payment, we charge default interest of 5%.

If parts are designed outside our design guidelines or if our recommendations are disregarded, the models may be unusable. Any resulting costs are to be borne by the customer. Tolerances may vary depending on the details. We differentiate between a new design and a modification to an existing component. In both cases, drawing costs are calculated on a time and material basis.

  • New construction
    We use our specific know-how for new designs.
    A cost share of 50% is charged for the design. In this case, NT K+D AG remains the owner of the design data.
    The copyright to the idea remains with the customer and the data may only be used for this customer.
  • Amendment
    In the event of a change, the customer remains the owner of the CAD data.

In both cases, drawing costs are charged on a time and material basis and do not constitute a legal claim to the design.

  • Unless otherwise specified, the products are manufactured or procured in our factory in the best possible way in terms of quality and cost based on our experience.
  • The detail of the order basis determines the result of the products.
  • Design, visible areas, tolerances, colors and other requirements must be specified in writing when ordering or defined with our employees.

For goods with deviations within the valid error tolerances of standards and guidelines, any return, reversal or credit note is excluded.

Complaints must be made and documented within 10 working days of delivery in the case of obvious defects and immediately after discovery in the case of hidden defects. We accept no liability for defective goods that are reported more than two years after the invoice date.

We guarantee the delivery of the products in accordance with our order confirmation.

  • Material
    The material is tested non-destructively by NT K+D AG. However, this test does not allow any final conclusion to be drawn about the material quality. It is the responsibility of our suppliers to ensure the material quality.

  • Dimensional accuracy
    We assume liability for the dimensional accuracy of the delivered products in accordance with the technical requirements and our tolerances.

    Values from data sheets, documentation and brochures are to be regarded as guidelines and empirical values and do not exempt you from carrying out your own tests. The technical properties in our data sheets were determined in accordance with ISO or ASTM and may vary depending on the geometry.

    If no consideration is given to the properties of our products during construction and/or installation, we will reject any warranty claim.

    Recommendations or suggestions for the installation of our products and/or for the construction of systems are given to the best of our knowledge, but are always non-binding and without guarantee.

NT K+D AG carries out an incoming goods inspection in accordance with AQL 1.5, IL I.
The applicable standards and guidelines are observed.
Unless otherwise agreed, no outgoing technical inspection shall be carried out prior to shipment of our products.
This incoming goods inspection does not exempt the customer from carrying out their own incoming goods inspection. For more details, please refer to our test instructions in our download area.

Trademarks, tools, drawings, documents and projects remain our property. It is not permitted to reproduce, use or pass them on to third parties without our express permission.

With your order you confirm that you are in possession of all rights to replicate/manufacture the ordered products.

Data protection is handled in accordance with our privacy policy.

Cookies are handled in accordance with our cookie policy.

Other currencies, units of measurement etc. in accordance with written agreements or delivery agreements.

For models with an edge length of more than 180 x180 x180mm and a nozzle larger than ø 0.5mm, fine details are greatly simplified.
We cannot accept returns due to optical defects or steps on radii.

All disputes arising from this contract shall be governed exclusively by Swiss law, with Zurich as the place of jurisdiction.

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